Venice, with its millennial history, charming art and remarkable architecture as well as its tradition and enigma attract visitors from all over the world. But also the surrounding of Venice are interesting places to discover. There are many great places in the Province of Venice that are well worth a visit. These towns are notable for their architecture and art treasure, picturesque views, traditional local events, perfumed red and white wines, tasty food.
Just 20 minutes by train from Venice, visitors have the opportunity to plunge into the stunning exhibits in the well-known archaeological museum of Altino. Visitors cannot miss to visit the old town centre of Noale and the extraordinary villas at Scorzè, Salzano, Malcontenta and Santa Maria di Sala. Most of the towns around Venice are closely linked to the historical events of the city. This is the case of Portogruaro and Concordia Sagitaria, situated at the Northern extremity of the province.
These two picturesque towns are representative of the Veneto architectural style with their canals, porticoes, narrow streets, decorated basilicas and Gothic and Renaissance buildings. There are also many towns that can be considered the extension of Venice. This is the case of Mestre, important business centre, Marghera, crucial industrial port, Marcon with its impressive shopping centre and the Summer Music Festival. Also recommended it is to ride by bicycle along the peaceful banks of the numerous waterways that enrich much of the province.

Around Venice are many towns that are reachable by little minutes of train or car.