Marcon is another small town really close to Venice. As for many other towns that are part of the Venetian terra ferma, it has seen increased, from the past century, the number of its inhabitants and, consequently, of residential areas. Marcon is really close to Mestre, important business centre, and Marghera, one of the most important industrial zone of Italy. It has its own small centre but it is mainly known for the big shopping centre and cinema. Many are the Venetians that every day move to Marcon by bus to do shopping. Another important event arranged in the town is Marcon Music Festival that every summer attracts many people from all over the neighbouring towns. In these last years the Festival has became more famous, important Italian and Foreign singers and groups perform on the stage.

Marcon is a coutry near Venice

This has made of a unknown event something more important that is destined to attract, any years, more and more visitors. The town and its surroundings are worth a visit by bicycle. Marcon is surrounded by a large expanse of cultivate field and canals, the typical landscape of the Pianura Padana. Ridding by bicycle visitors can discover open spaces having a direct contact with nature. In the trattorie – typical restaurants – visitors taste characteristic and tasty dishes such as soppressa, similar to pork sausages, and polenta, a sort of maize porridge. Food is always followed by good red and white wines, such as Cabernet and Prosecco, that are exported all around the world.