In Venice there are more that 100 churches spread all over the historical center. All of them are masterpieces of art not only for their architectures but also because their interior are decorated with important frescoes and paintings, remarkable piece of furniture conceived and created by the most important artists all along centuries. For this reason, churches in Venice can be considered museums of inestimable values that have to be continuously restored to preserve Venice from decline. The most representative are Basilica di San Marco, Basilica dei Frari, Basilica della Salute, Basilica di San Giovanni e Paolo, Chiesa della Madonna dell’Orto and Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Miracoli. On the other side, visitors that are in Venice walking along its narrow calli and passing through suggestive campi and suddenly arrive in front of a church even if it is not famous it is well worth a visit.

Typical church in Venice
In Venice there are more than 100 churches

The Basilica di San Marco, destroyed twice and replaced, became the city cathedral just in 1807. For its architecture it echoes the Byzantine-Romanesque style but in a original way. Inside all walls are covered with refined gilded mosaics that represent the crucial biblical events and the steal of the body of Saint Mark from Constantinople. Frari Church is a brick building in Gothic style. Inside there are lots of important works of art, including two Titians and Bellini. Santa Maria della Salute Church is a massive building in Baroque style. It stands at the access to the Grand Canal facing Piazza San Marco. It was built by Venetians as a thanks for surviving the plague of 1630.